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Using the Time-Rule Formula in STRS Orders to Divide Benefits

November 24, 2014

In California, retirement benefits are part of the community property of marriage and partnership and may be affected by dissolution of marriage, divorce, legal separation or termination of domestic partnership. These actions can require the allocation of retirement benefits between the parties. For California public school teachers, the CalSTRS system will implement any agreed division […]

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Critical Elements of STRS Orders Using Time-Rule Method

November 21, 2014

California’s public school teachers accrue retirement benefits in accounts which are administered by the CalSTRS system. LikeCalPERS, CalSTRS has a procedure for  dividing funds or future benefits with ex-spouses or former partners in connection with a divorce, legal separation, or some other domestic relatons plan for the future.  The member and non-membermust agree to the […]

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Bankruptcy Judge in Stockton Case Rules CalPERS Payments Can Be Cut

October 13, 2014
CalPERS California

In a verbal ruling which could potentially have tremendous repercussions for CalPERS, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System – not to mention public employee unions in other jurisdictions – the judge handling the bankruptcy proceeding for the City of Stockton announced that the city had the right to reduce pension payments due retired beneficiaries. Further […]

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FedEx Lawsuits Filed in I-5 Bus Crash

July 31, 2014
Thumbnail image for FedEx Lawsuits Filed in I-5 Bus Crash

Lawsuits continue to mount against FedEx in the I-5 bus crash that killed ten people.  The accident involved a collision between a FedEx tractor trailer and a charter bus carrying students to Humboldt State University. The parents of Mattison Haywood, a school chaperone killed in the crash, become the latest family to file a wrongful […]

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Supreme Court Rules in Frankie Valli Divorce

July 30, 2014
Sacramento divorce lawyer

The California Supreme Court has ruled in the Frankie Valli divorce case. Valli, a popular singer in the 1960s, and his wife Randy have been battling it out over the assets from their marriage for more than a decade.   The court unanimously ruled that a $3.75 million insurance policy, purchased with funds from a […]

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Local Kayaker Injured in San Joaquin River Accident

July 29, 2014
Sacramento personal injury lawyer

A Sacramento kayaker has survived a serious kayaking accident on the San Joaquin River in Madera County.  According to local news reports, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office reported that the kayaker was on an expedition with a group of four other kayakers when his boat was sucked into a pool at the base of Balloon […]

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